Benefits of Wheat Grass

Dr. Berg talks about the 12 scientific benefits of superfood wheat grass juice. 1. Ulcers (inner skin) 2. Burns from radiation or fire 3. Steroid cream withdraw 4. Insulin resistance 5. Anti-arthritic properties 6. Certain blood disorders 7. Ulcerative colitis 8. Reduce toxicity of chemotherapy 9. Anemia 10. Liver detoxification 11. Anti-allergy 12. Anti-asthma

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The Instant Cure for Plantar Fasciitis!

Dr. Eric Berg explains how to help plantar fasciitis with this simple stretch by using the principle of opposites. Anytime a muscle is tight or inflamed work on the opposite, not the involved area. You will be stretching a muscle called the anterior tibialis, which is opposite to the bottom of your foot.

If you have been using this technique, please leave comment how you doing.


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