Nepal Earthquake 2015 Relief Program

Donation distributed by Abin Raj KC from Maya Nepal Organization, donation raised by Bishal Shrestha Edmonton Canada. Thanks to donors from: Edmonton, Canada:- Richard Gill, Brad Carlin, Kathy Kulak, Sehban Khan, Raza Hasani, Rick Goshko, Gary Milne, Neil Rost, Leslie Peter, Harrier Hans, Michael Redmond, Linda Pearase, Ashok & Smita Patil, Christie Campbell, Calgary, Canada:- Shahab Soltani Kathmandu, Nepal:- Govind Jamuna Bhajan Trust, Dr. Raj Bahadur Shrestha, Bishal Shrestha,

Nepal Earthquake 2015 Relief Program

June 23nd 2015After watching the following news video posted by, I am pleased to donate Rs. 25,000. on behalf of Shahab Sultani, Calgary Canada, as a financial  support to Rishi Khanal rescued alive from a collapsed guest house in Gongabu, Kathmandu, after 82 Hours of the deadly earthquake in Nepal. Rishi Khanal lost his one leg.

Nepal Earthquake 2015 victim Rishi Khanal and his family News Link 1:भूकम्प-पिडितका-लागि-माया/ News Link 2:माया-नेपालद्वारा-हरिसिद्/

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Oh my father!

Oh my father!

Oh my dear beloved father I miss you so much!

Where do I go to look for you my dear loving father

my each and every heartbeat is beating for you

looking for you, searching for you

how can i forget your love, blessing and caring

though all my life seems meaning less without you my father

i am trying to look after my mother, family

you have taught us to handle difficult path in our life

be peace, be happy wherever you are

your blessing love is always with us, in every step of our life

where ever you go oh my beloved father be peace, be happy

Loving Son


Remembering your song oh my father….Jivan Bhar Moh Jaal Ma Fasirahe……..
जीवन भर मोह जाल मा फसिरहे…….

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